「WA MARE」/ An antenna shop delivering traditional Japanese crafts and sake.

「WA MARE」 is an antenna shop located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, selling traditional Japanese crafts and sake.
Originally an office space, the ground floor was renovated and opened for business in 2023.

At this store, you can experience the quality of traditional Japanese crafts and sake by handling them firsthand.

As a part of Japan's architectural design and real estate transactions, and serving as Japan's ambassador, we aim to showcase the yet-to-be-discovered charm, regions, history, culture, and traditions of Japan.

products offered

【Traditional Craft】Edo Kiriko

【Traditional Craft】 Kyoto Folding Fans

【Japanese Sake】Ryoma

【Japanese Sake】Shiro by Asama Sake Brewery / Shiro by Mineno Shirabume

You can also consult in our office regarding Japanese modern design architecture and proposals for gardens.