Translation / Interpretation Services

As we operate our own business related translation and interpretation services, we are able to guarantee a professional and high quality service.

Furthermore, through our translation and interpretation services, we can also provide consulting services for the respective businesses.
Our flexible arrangements ensure that we can meet your various needs.

Available Languages

Following languages are available.

・Chinese (traditional and simplified)

Quality Control

We control the following seven qualities and are constantly striving to improve them.

  • ① Expertise in the field (real estate, architecture, design, food and beverage, tourism inbound, retail and other kinds of servicing business)
  • ② Reading comprehension skills
  • ③ Text editing skills
  • ④ Accuracy
  • ⑤ Reflection skills
  • ⑥ Translating speed
  • ⑦ Reliable support system

Contents of Translation Services and Supported Documents

・Real estate
・Tourism inbound
・Retail and other services

Documents related to the above

Minami Aoyama Real Estate's
translation and interpretation services
are particularly suited to those who

Wishing to develop overseas clients or enter overseas markets.
Do not have anyone in your company or acquaintances capable of handling information, business meetings, contracts, etc.
Are seeking professional, high-quality translation and interpretation services.
Needs an urgent action.
Seek cost-effectiveness.
Are worried about who to contact for advice.


You can reach us by SNS, email, fax, etc.
As delivery dates and fee structures vary per document, please feel free to contact us for more information.

2Submission of manuscript
3Offer a quotation.
4Order placement
6Delivering the document


Basic fee

・person/8h ¥100,000~
・person/4h ¥50,000

Additional fees

  • ① Extra hourly rate: 20% of the hourly rate.
  • ② Prior preparation (varies according to the case)
  • ③ Business trip expenses (actual costs of accommodation and transport, and travel restraints (incurred outside the 23 wards of Tokyo)
  • ④ Cancellation fee free of charge, except for the following
Cancellation Policy
2 to 7 days before 50 % of the estimated amount
the day before or on the day 100% of the estimated amount

(However, if prior preparation has already been completed, you will be charged for the period of prior preparation).

Feel free to ask questions and consult with us

Please contact us for more information

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