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The number of new housing starts has decreased for nine consecutive months.

At Home Co., Ltd., a real estate information service, announced the rankings for "Recommended Conditions and Equipment for Living Alone in Urban Areas, Selected by Real Estate Professionals" on the 4th. An internet survey was conducted from January 16 to 23, 2024, targeting At Home member stores primarily engaged in rental brokerage and rental business located in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Osaka City, Nagoya City, and Fukuoka City. A total of 203 valid responses were received.

Regarding conditions, "Good access to transportation" ranked first with 49.3%. The second place was tied between "Close to the nearest station" (42.9%), "Convenient for commuting to work or school" (42.9%), and "Good safety/security" (42.9%). Access-related items dominated the top rankings, with comments from real estate companies emphasizing the importance of the surrounding environment, including access to the nearest station, as being equally important as the room itself. Additionally, there were opinions emphasizing the importance of security in urban areas.

Regarding equipment, "Delivery lockers" ranked first, occupying 53.2%. This was followed by "Video intercom" (47.8%) and "Auto-lock" (46.8%). The high ranking of delivery lockers was attributed to the increased absence of residents living alone, indicating a growing future demand. The prominence of "Video intercom" and "Auto-lock" among the top choices also highlighted the necessity of considering security and safety for those living alone in urban areas.

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